Icon Centre


Friends and Fundraising


The ICON CENTRE IS A WORK OF PROVIDENCE. We give freely, and trust that those who share our vision will freely give in their turn. 

We don't have a big budget, and we have a small staff, and our staff don't take big salaries. We live simply, seeking to be a family rather than an institution.

But without the support of a network of generous individuals we would not be able to continue.

Investing in the BIC is not just about the students today but about supporting the whole Christian community of the Holy Land by giving it legs with which to walk into the future. 

The Holy Land Iconography Trust

Our Friends in the UK are organised by Mr Stephen Baister, who is the Founder Trustee of the Holy Land Iconography Trust, a registered UK charity dedicated to the support of the Icon Centre. 

If you wish to support us, and we really do need every penny we can get, then if you follow this link you can make a donation via the 'My Donate' website. You can even make a gift aided donation!

Friends of the Icon Centre

Friends of the Icon Centre receive regular updates about our work, are invited to events in the UK. No donation is expected but always gratefully received.

Other income

We do generate some income from our own activities.

  • icon commissions (20% of every commission goes to the Centre, the rest to the iconographer)
  • tuition fees from occasional courses
  • shop revenue

If you believe in the aims and ethos of the BIC, or wish to do something direct and concrete to support Palestinian Christians,  why not consider making a donation to us? 

  • It could be a regular standing order to the UK Friends, or it could be a one off donation. 
  • Or it could be a donation in kind, perhaps sending some books or some equipment? 
  • Or you or your parish or community could commission an icon from us, knowing that the funds go directly to the iconographer and 20% to the Centre's funds. 
  • Or you could come on one of our courses, knowing that the fees you pay will be making a contribution to the survival of this precious project.