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Princes School of Traditional Arts (PSTA) 

Prince's School course 


The class of '16! The Prince's School course launched in January 2016. These are the students on day 2.



Supervisor and Assessor: Aidan Hart

Tutor: Ian Knowles, Director of the BIC.

Visiting Tutors:

Lee Harvey

Hanna Ward

Qualification : Prince's School Course 

Graduate Opportunities: Graduates are guaranteed a place in the BIC Workshop as a junior iconographer.

Course : Two year full time course, six terms of eight weeks.

Assessment : by submission of work, notes and a 3000 word dissertation in English.

Costs: 1,200NIS per year, plus of cost of materials and some tools.

Language: English

Entrance requirements:

  • basic artistic ability.
  • demonstrable ability to read and speak in English.
  • first-hand knowledge of Christianity and its lived traditions.
  • A commitment to serious study.
  • All students must be over 18.

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    Aidan Hart, assessor for the Prince's school course, with some of the Centre students, Nov. 2015

    The Course:


    To give students a firm foundation in the techniques and theology of panel icon painting as a basis for their admission to the BIC Workshop as working iconographers.


    By the end of the course students should be able to paint skilfully executed panel icons in egg tempera that adhere to the traditional principles of the icon tradition of the Orthodox and other eastern Churches, clearly expressing the transfigured world that lies at the heart of its theology.

    The programme's understanding of the icon tradition is rooted in the early Byzantine works of the Holy Land and elsewhere, western medieval iconography such as works from the Carolingian and Romanesque periods, as well as Greek, Russian, and contemporary icon schools.

    Student Commitment

    1. do a minimum of seven hours icon painting or research a week in addition to class time.

    2. work collectively; support other students, and be committed to the ethos of the BIC.

    3. attend all sessions, be prepared to begin promptly, come properly prepared.

    4. complete a 3000 word dissertation and submit it on time.

    5. complete and submit for assessment at least five icons to an exhibition standard, and include legible.


    1. Towards the end of the first year one-to-one meetings will be held with the Tutor to discuss how things are going (with both skill learning and theory) and to evaluate work. The Assessor will also visit and make an interim assessment at the beginning of the second year.

    2. After the completion of the second year students' work will be suitably submitted to and adjudicated by the Assessor, with a final award being made.

    Timetable (provisional):

    Monday 3:00pm-8.00pm Class Practical

    Tuesday 3.00pm-8.00pm Class Practical

    5.30pm-6:30pm Lecture

    Wednesday 3.00pm-5.30pm Class Practical

    The Bethlehem Icon School has excellent dedicated facilities and students will have access to these between 9.30am and 4.30pm each day except Sundays. Arrangements can also be made to use the facilities in the evenings.

    Course Dates

    YEAR 2018

     26 January 2018 – Thu, 22 March 2018

     4 May 2018 – Thu, 28 June 2018

     5 October 2018 – Thu, 29 November 2018

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